Motion 29

Motion 29 is a motion that is being discussed at the Anglican General Synod in 2018.  It discusses the blessing of same-sex relationships.
In light of decisions that were made at General Synod, St Matthew’s are conducting a series of Special General meetings on 23 May, 13 June and 18 July.

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Special General Meeting Information | 23 May 2018
Motions to Clarify and Align

On Tuesday the 2nd October, at the fourth Special General Meeting of 2018, St Matthew’s parish expressed their deep sadness over the passing of General Synod’s Motion 7, which authorized the blessings of same-gendered relationships.

Two motions were passed by significant majorities.

  1. St Matthew’s will seek clarification from Bishop Steven and the Dunedin Diocese on the application of the changes brought about by Motion 7 in this diocese. (Passed with a 95% majority)
  2. If Motion 7 continues to be applied, St Matthew’s currently has no alternative but to further explore disaffiliating from ACANZP and align with like-minded churches to set up a new Anglican diocese in New Zealand, centred on the good news of Jesus Christ as revealed in scripture.  (Passed with an 89% majority).

The parish has committed itself to engage in good faith with the Diocese over the outworking of these motions.

A link to the full motions can be found below

[FINAL] Motions to Clarify and Align

Following Jesus (November 2018)
Motion 29 Final Report
1998 Lambeth Resolution 1-10
Motion 7 (previously known as Motion 29)
Distinctive Co-Existence

A Proposal from Archbishop Glen Davies to the ACANZP (Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia)
Distinctive Coexistence Proposal ++ Glen Davies



GAFCON Assembly 2018: Letter to the Churches