How To Give To St Matthew’s


There are four ways of giving to St Matthews:

  1. Internet Banking:  SBS George St, Dunedin, 03 1355 0460529 02
    Lots of people now use Internet Banking as their main way of banking these days.  All we need for our reference for St Matthew’s bank statements are:  your surname and iniitals & general funds  eg (SMITH JR and General Funds).  If you are donating to a specific ministry, just pop in the ministry name instead of General Funds.
  2. Automatic payment:
    You can use your envelope number and/or request a new one from Mona and put that in the “particulars” box in the “Payee Details” section of the bank AP form. This is not essential as the bank statement shows a name regardless (unless you bank with SBS) so the payments can be allocated to the correct donor.  Donations paid directly into the Church accounts by automatic payment or internet banking are collated monthly by the Treasurer and a tax rebate receipt is issued at the end of the financial year.
  3. By cash or cheque into the plate on Sundays:  It is anonymous unless you use a personal cheque, but no receipt can be issued so it can’t be claimed as a charitable donation.
  4. The envelope system:  You are issued with a set of envelopes with your number on them.  This system is almost fully anonymous, (if you don’t use a personal cheque), as different people count the money (the Parish Bankers) from the person issuing the envelopes  (the Parish Administrator).  A receipt is issued for a tax rebate at the end of the financial year and only the person writing the receipt (nominally the Church Treasurer) is aware of both names and amounts donate.